We’re proud to have recently provided audio description script writing and voiceover for US markets.

We supplied the audio description for both Fox Network’s ‘Name That Tune’, a TV music game show, and ‘Queer Planet’, a fascinating natural history documentary revealing the little-known sexual behaviours of the animal kingdom. It will surprise many and challenge some of our preconceptions, all the while making us laugh.

❓What is Audio Description?

In short, it’s a verbal description of what’s happening on-screen, such as body language, scene changes, movement and expressions. The additional commentary is slotted in around dialogue, providing accessibility for blind and partially-sighted people.

❓Where is Audio Description Used?

Most of the main broadcasters and streaming services offer audio description. Many cinemas also offer the service through headsets, and it can even be found at museums, theatres and live performances.

❓Why is Audio Description Important?

Audio Description allows blind and partially-sighted people to get a sense of the atmosphere and understand context. Small visual subtleties can play a crucial part in the plot, so without this important accessibility feature, it can be hard to understand the story.